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Can The Bat! do this?, I need to do a very specific template. A template which replaces variables, like %s in C
sorry, it is very hard to explain this as I am not a native english speaker. I have the following themplate set up
Thank you for your interest in the Zhengdu Screenreader Youth $v edition.
This message contains confidential information. Please keep it safe, as losing or disclosing the data contained in it will result in losing all your obtained rights.

Authorization code: $code
Authorization password: $password
Purchased edition: $edition
Activation deadline: $deadlinedate

The basic method of activation is outlined below. Shall you have any problems please contact the Zhengdu Screenreader support team by either directly replying to this message or creating a new one.
1. Please download the latest version of the program from the following link. The below source is official and safe, but before executing the installer please check its safety using an antivirus software. Warning, do not use Windows defender!
2. Extract the downloaded archive.
3. Execute the installer and follow its instructions in order to install the software.
4. If you have decided that you do not want to start Zhengdu Screenreader right after installation or the installer asked you to reboot, press CTRL+ALT+I to start the program now.
5. In the window that pops up, write your authorization key and password in the edit boxes and press "OK" in order to connect to the program's server and download the activation.

We wish you a great success in using the screenreader and remind you kindly that in case of any problems we are for your complete disposal.
With best regards,
Arkadiusz Swietnicki, Zhengdu Screenreader Support Agent.
Zhengdu ID: 138003

For now I replace the variables manually buyt I wonder if there is a way to create a template which would generate a kind of a form for me to input values in.
I can use the PHP script to send such E-Mails, but more people need to handle that and hence I askedabou The Bat! template.
In the past, I've tried to do that using quick templates. In the quick template, I used address book macros that would retrieve information from fields in the address book. The name of those macros is "%ABTO<fieldname>". And I put the information in the address book by importing it from a text file.

Unfortunately, it did not really work as expected. Somehow, the messages that were generated did not always contain all the external information that they should. Of course, the address book isn't really meant to be used in this way, but technically, it should have worked. Unfortunately I did not have time too look into it further.

As an alternative, you might be able to build the message body externally, in a text file, and import that into your message using the %PUT macro, or the %CLIPBOARD macro to fetch it from the clipboard (these macros are documented here: )

Or, maybe you could use an automation tool like AUTOIT to copy information from an external source into your outgoing message.

The Bat also has the capability of importing or generating messages when you launch it, through certain command-line parameters. I don't know if that would be helpful in this case, but it is documented here:

It would be great if The Bat could simply insert data from fields or lines in a text file or from an XML file.. if you could use that, maybe you can suggest it to the developers.
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