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The bat hang with IMAP Folders processing
This issue is a bug that I know for about more then 5 years.  

When I close my mail client, for some reason, the client still hangs when you close it with the dialog box 'Processing IMAP folders' in the queue.

There is no time out for this or it looks like you can not disable that 'maintenance'  feature.
I wonder if there might be a connection with this topic?

How large is your CONFIG.CDB file? (by default, it is located in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\The Bat!)

It should not be larger than some 50 KB. If it is larger, it may be corrupt. In that case, try this:

- Exit The Bat
- Rename CONFIG.CDB to CONFIG-CDB.OLD (or some such name)
- Relaunch The Bat

The Bat will now make a new CONFIG.CDB with default values and hopefully that will work without problems.

Note: CONFIG.CDB contains settings for system hotkeys, viewing modes and message list tabs, and maybe some other settings. You can make a note of those settings beforehand (or screendumps), or restore the file afterwards (when The Bat is not running) to restore the old situation.
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