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connection center " slow importing"
Good Evening Gents ,

I ve renewed my laptop and restored my old mail archive  fm tbk file which i have backup on my ex laptop where i have no any issue with The bat which was working without any problem. Now on my new laptop  when i get all new messages connection center slowing down after it finish receiveing but i see status  " importing messages"  and it never end. Remaining time is 00:01 but unfo it is not finishing.  It also not froze and somehow downloading the mails but it should not be in such speed. I have 14k mails on server and 50 mins elapsed remain time still 01 second . Anybody may have an idea how/where i need to look to fix the issue ?
I can't really help you with that, but maybe you should let it run the whole night and hope that it has solved itself in the morning? :)
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