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Resizing a popup window, The pop up window is not resizable after switching from remote to local access of TB
I access my TheBat remotely via VPN at times when I work from home.  I learned that the best method to have it "sort of the same" is to have the screen resolution the same at work as on my remote session, this alleviated the morning of resizing issues.  However I now have an issue as of last Friday when I went back into the office to work and found the "Insert Table" window is literally tiny and cannot be resized.  How can this be fixed?

I am currently running 64-bit on version 8.8.9.
Screenshot of popup size
You may want to report this to Support (see menu above). If you do, be sure to mention the screen resolution at which this happened (and if you can anticipate them requiring more information, like O/S version, VPN client software used, Windows theme used, etc, I'd mention those too).
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When you say you can't resize the window, you mean with the mouse? Can you try using the keyboard to do it? Press Alt+Space to get the window's system menu, then choose Size. Press one of the arrow keys to specify which edge of the window you'll size, then keep pressing it to change size. Repeat with the other direction (horizontal vs vertical).
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