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How to recover an accidentally deleted Address Book?
Yesterday , and "somehow", I accidentally deleted one of my Address Books.
I believed I was deleting an ENTRY in that address book.

So I posted a question to RITLABS support but didn't hear back.

My system make daily backups (Windows 10 Pro).

If I knew where the Bat! address books are located, I just might be able to recover the AB.

help on this ??

Also, I don't appear to be getting email notification of a reply to a topic to which I am subscribed.
I can't help you now. Just for the future things: don't forget to do backup periodically. Soft like Acronis True Image can help you. TB! Have it his own backup, for example.
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In my TheBat v8.8.2, address books have the filename extension .ABD and they're stored in my Mail directory, the location of which is shown under Options | Preferences | System.

If this is different in your version, just open the address book and go to File | Open Address Book and that should show you the location and extension as well.

p.s. Some forum functionality is broken and that may well include email notifications (which I've never used, myself).
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