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Error when attaching to godaddy
Since installed newest release i have been having problems with connecting to godaddy.  Trying to find out what is driving the issue ... the bat or godaddy.  I have made no changes to connection information.
I am getting the following errors ...

8/11/2021, 17:36:45: FETCH - receiving mail messages
8/11/2021, 17:36:45: FETCH - Connecting to POP3 server on port 110
8/11/2021, 17:36:46: FETCH - connected to POP3 server
!8/11/2021, 17:36:47: FETCH - Connect failed. Connection timed out
8/11/2021, 17:36:47: FETCH - connection finished - 0 messages received

any idea what 'connect failed means?

godaddy has made changes to their settings ... trying to work with them to get it straightened out for send/receive.
anyone using godaddy?

If you specify which changes they made, maybe someone here will have ideas on how to adapt to them or work around them.

There was a thread last year about connection problems where a lot of suggestions for possible solutions were made. Maybe some of the information there could be of use to you..:
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Try settings below.

godaddy server ports >

IMAP server and ports

   Incoming server (IMAP):
   SSL Port: 993

POP3 server and ports

   Incoming server (POP3):
   SSL Port: 995

Outgoing server and ports

   Outgoing server (SMTP):
   SSL Port: 465 or 587
Thanks for that SallyD ... they have moved to Office365 servers so those wont work.  I am sorry I should have stated before.
I have been working with someone at GoDaddy but with no success.  They keep saying "haven't heard of TheBat .. don't know what is wrong" <sigh>

Anyone using godaddy with TheBat?  Current settings  and

Occasionally if i do a receive 4-5 times it will receive but will leave message on the server.  I have had similar odd luck with send .. but if it sends it does not remove the email from the Outbox line.  In both cases it tends to give me an error message

To narrow the problem, I suggest you try with another email client, such as Thunderbird. I think that will help you isolate your issue. Good luck.

Hi david .. I have tried Thunderbird (now) and it is working quite well .. but the same settings for the Send does not seem to work with the bat.  Still playing to get this to work.  would hate to give up my 10+ year love affair with the bat
If you are using an antivirus/antimalware product that intercepts incoming and outgoing mail, you may want to turn that off (and first configure it to not mess with email) to exclude the possibility that it is causing these connection problems.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
Thanks Daniel.  I don't believe my antivirus messes with email but will certainly look into it tonight.
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