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How to "undo" an accidental delete or email move to another mailbox?
Because I use TB so extensively every day I occasionally accidentally hit the Delete key or drag an email to an unintended mailbox.  Because these emails are sometimes much older than the newer emails I've gotten, it makes it very difficult for me to actually inspect the erroneously targeted mailbox or the trash mailbox to determine what was erroneously moved or deleted.  It doesn't seem that pressing Crtl+Z undoes the move so I was wondering if there is some other magic key combination that does.  If not, is there anything in the works for a future enhancement that will add this valuable undo feature?

Folder - browse deleted messages
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George, at least for me, "browse deleted" only works for the Trash folder, and so does not help the OP. Possibly whether it works for other folders depends on when folders are automatically compacted.

I agree with Ray -- being able to Undo moves and deletions would be extremely helpful at times. It's also consistent with how many programs work.

The other thing I dislike about Delete is that the only thing preventing accidental deletion of an entire folder is a dialog box. When you select a folder, a message is displayed, yet the folder is still selected. It's natural to hit Delete to get rid of that message. I think that when a folder is selected, the Delete key should be inactive. You could still delete a folder using the context menu, but that's a rare occurrence, so using the context menu is not a significant inconvenience.

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