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New user - bat always flying and icon always indicates unread messages, Is there any way to cause the bat to stop flying using same criteria as the mail ticker?
I am a new user to the bat, just using it on a trial basis for two days (and like it thus far), so please forgive me if I have missed something very obvious.

I have successfully configured the mail ticker to only appear if messages come in certain folders that I care about (i.e., Inbox, etc.), however when new mail comes in other folders (e.g., spam, or new mail is deleted while still marked new), even though the mail ticker correctly does not appear, the bat still flies (I like the effect), and the icon indicates new mail is waiting.  

Is there a way to cause the bat to only fly and the new message count on the application icon in the task bar to only appear/fly/increment according to the criteria specified for the mail ticker?  It seems to be counter-intuitive otherwise.

Thanks very much for any advice.  I like the application a lot so far, but these small issues are a bit annoying.
Edited: John Salzman - 21 August 2021 22:25:56
I'm not using the latest version myself, but to my knowledge the flying bat and the mail ticker are two unrelated features. The fly-upon-new-mail option can be turned either on or off (Options | General | Icon animation) - more flavors than that don't seem to be on offer.
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Ok.  The disconnect between the two features does seem odd to me - sort of working at cross-purposes.  I'll submit a ticket on it.  Thanks!
Edited: John Salzman - 22 August 2021 01:38:24
I'm keeping all messages that I still want to reply to later 'unread', which would cause the icon to be flying all of the time. So, I'm not using the icon animation feature.

For me, it would be great if the icon could be animated only when new messages have come in since the last time that I opened The Bat's window (i.e. the last time that I looked for any new messages).

Maybe you can relay this to the dev's for me if you speak to them :-)
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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