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Links not opening: The Bat! v9.4.4 32-bit, Windows 10, Links won't open
I've recently swapped to a new computer and have re-installed The Bat! onto it. I've noticed that I can no longer open links; I get the pop-up bubble telling me where the link goes to (so The Bat! is aware this is an URL or similar), but clicking the link does nothing. In some cases I've resorted to right-click|copy URL, then pasted it into my browser, but with some button-like elements, this approach seems not to be possible.

Any clues as to what settings to look at to fix this?  
OK folks, belay that, false alarm. Turns out it was system-wide, in that it affected other email clients too. A reboot seems to have cleared it. Apologies for the noise.  
Good to hear that it went away.. I had no idea what could be causing that problem in TB.
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