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Two junk folders with IMAP and office365
Is there a way to nominate a JUNK folder on imap?  Similar to sent & trash, I need one, as I've got two.

I'm trying to train AntispamSniper, and it moves messages to the local junk folder "Junk mail" marked with a one-way-street icon (?).
I think this folder exists online, called $JUNK$ - not sure the imap sync does not tell me the local folder names - I guess they'd have to match, normally.

However, office365 has another junk folder, and it's called "Junk Email" and it's moving junk mail into that folder.

I'd rather just have the one synced via IMAP.
Edited: Steve Horvath - 08 October 2021 01:54:14
Antispam sniper - accounts - choose your account - edit - imap tab - enter name of preferred junk folder
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