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Slow import process

I ve renewed my laptop and restored my old mail archive fm tbk file which i have backup on my ex laptop where i have no any issue with The bat which was working without any problem. Now on my new laptop when i get all new messages connection center slowing down after it finish receiveing but i see status " importing messages" and it never end. Remaining time is 00:01 but unfo it is not finishing. It also not froze and somehow downloading the mails but it should not be in such speed. I have 14k mails on server and 50 mins elapsed remain time still 01 second. 192.168.l.l routerlogin

Anybody may have an idea how/where i need to look to fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.
Edited: Daniel Preston - 04 November 2021 21:05:41
Are you sure that you have restored your mail archive also for that account? It sounds like The Bat is trying to retrieve those 14K messages (or just their headers, but even those might take hours). I would not expect it to act like this if you had restored its messagebase from a backup. Anyway, maybe you should just leave the computer on overnight, and hope that it will be finished in the morning. Hopefully it's a one-time thing!
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