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Thebat 7 & Gmail
Hi, i am a registered user of TheBat Home 7.4. Recently i have created an Email account on Gmail, but when i try to configure TheBat to access Gmail using POP&SMTP i recieve a message from Gmail saying Error 401 and it is imposible to send or recieve messages.

I download trial version of TheBat 9.4.5 on another computer and instead of Error 401 Gmail give a text code to insert on TheBat 9 in order to complete configuration, then i can send and receive email with my Gmail account. What should i do to be able to  configure TheBat 7.4 on the same way?, Thanks
Hi Manuel,

I'm not sure if it is still even possible to use older versions of The Bat with Gmail. Last year, many v8/v9 users had Gmail problems that were discussed in this topic (along with solutions) :

When you browse through the topic list, you will find several more discussions about Gmail/Googlemail.

Personally, I use the Bat v8.8.2 and Gmail (POP3/SMTP) still works well. I guess my configuration consists of 3 parts:

1) The command line in my desktop shortcut to The Bat says:

C:\Program Files\the_bat\thebat32.exe /nologo /TLS_DISABLE_ECDHE /TLS_DISABLE_PERFECT_FORWARD_SECRECY

(but I don't remember when those options were introduced.. v7 may not support them!)

2) In my Google Account settings (online at under Permissions, I have The Bat listed under "Third-party apps with account access" as well as under "Signing in with Google".

3) My settings in The Bat, in the account's Properties | Transport are:

smtp server: []
connection: [secure to dedicated port (TLS)] port [465]
authentication button:
[x] Perform SMTP Authentication (RFC 2554)
[x] Same user/password as for Mail Retrieval

mail server:
connection: [secure to dedicated port (TLS)] port [995]
authentication button: [x] OAUTH

If another The Bat v7 user reads this, and Gmail somehow still works for him, it would be great if he could explain his settings here.
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Hi Daniel, thanks for your help. I've tried your settings on TheBat 7.4 but i recieve a message from Gmail saying Error 401 both sending and receiving emails  I hope that another TheBat 7 user may give me a solution, thanks again !!

Edited: Manuel Nieto - 06 November 2021 17:29:01
This link may help:   You must have two-step authentication and follow the steps carefully to receive a special password. This is because, if memory serves me, OAUTH isn't supported in version 7. I used these steps to set up another app (Mailwasher) and it worked. I do not know if it works with POP. Good luck.

And your point is? This forum is for TheBat! And, just because I had some idle time, I installed a copy of ver 7.4 and was able to set up gmail account there. It works. Good luck.

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