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New Gmail 2 step verification, can't download Gmail messages to The Bat
I got a notice from Google saying that 2 step verification had been turned on for my account.  I cannot download any Gmail messages to The Bat.  What can I do so that I can get my messages.  And, by the way, I hate having to get a prompt on all my devices in order to login to Gmail online.  Is there a way to bypass all of this??  I hate Google/Gmail.

As a thought, login into your google account and set up forwarding to one of your other email addresses  then, in theory, you never have to collect mail from your google account again.  Works for me.

I'm with you and you irritation at Google

have a good evening

Charles O'S
Thank you, Charles.  I have changed my email for all of my groups but I will go in and do what you said for anything that still uses the Gmail account.  

For what it's worth, two-step authentication is not required by Gmail. My assumption is you turned it on for a specific reason?. Also, once TB! is authorized via OAUTH, there is no need for further authentication for it to access Gmail. I set up two-step authentication for additional security to authorize access to an account that did not use OAUTH, but TB! was unaffected. Good luck.

No, I didn't turn it on.  I got a notice saying it would be turned on automatically on Nov. 9.  It did say I could turn it off but that soon ALL Google accounts would be required to have it.  I tried to turn it off but I still could not get my messages through The Bat.  

How do you authorize The Bat through OAUTH?  UPDATE:  I just figured out how to authorize the OAUTH in The Bat.  I thought I had done that before but I guess not.  Thank you for mentioning it.
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