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Restore misses some items
After getting The Bat! fully configured with my dozen email accounts, and tweaking font sizes all over the place - thank you again for that, I created a backup to use for restoring to the laptop where I'd just installed it.  

Two things...

1.  The restore hung at 100% after the LAST item.  Could not cancel.  Had to kill it.  But, everything was restored so it essentially worked.  There was no CPU nor disk activity and these were all IMAP accounts with very little mail in them.  The restore took no time at all.  Just an observation.  I heard dings after (and maybe during) the restore.  As each account is set to check email on startup, it seemed to be doing that as they were restored.  So maybe with that going on and the restore running something got tripped up.  

2.  The font settings did not seem to be brought over.  I picked EVERYTHING and every account to backup.  So I had to re-tweak the fonts everywhere.  But, I'm done with that for now.  Just wondered if ALL the program settings (like font selections) were really supposed to be restored?
I have found that there are entries in the registry that are needed, and that is why I developed a simple utility to do that.
It is at and includes information on doing backups and restores. From my experience, backing up the mail directory and the registry allow for a simple full restore.

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