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Hang on Closing v9.5, Hang on processing IMAP folders when closing the Bat!

I am running v9.5.  I have had this issue for some time, but thought I would see if I could fix it.  When closing down the bat, processing folders will hang and say processing 2 IMAPI folders.  I did have IMAPI email accounts, but I have since deleted those.  It still hangs, even though I have now deleted all IMAPI accounts.

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I guess the first thing to try would be to run Folder | Maintenance Center and have it check the integrity of your messagebase, and compact it.
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I have a similar error when closing

"Call FreeImapthreads prior to calling Timapqueue

How do you upload a screenshot?
I did run the maintenance center.  It did not find any issues.  Compacted fine, etc. Updated to the latest, 9.5.1.  The message says 2 IMAP folders in the queue.  

Update:  I found 3 accounts on the hd drive still.  I deleted 1 of them.  Left another for historical, and one is still in the account tree, though not used.  

Is there a way to have IMAP folders skipped during the close down process??
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The lost folder can probably be put back in the account tree by pressing ctrl-alt-shift-L. If you don't want it to interact with the mailserver anymore, you can set it to not check for mail periodically an upon startup, and to ignore 'check all' commands. Or just remove its log-in credentials.

You could check the properties of each account to see if there are any options that would cause The Bat to do any maintenance work when it exits, such as emptying the trash or compacting folders.

I don't use IMAP myself, but there should be a cache in each account (or folder?) that one can clear. Would it help to give that a try?

If no-one else has any better suggestions, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Ritlabs tech support staff (Support in menu above) to see if they can help.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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