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IMAP - Create new folder off Root?
Seemed simple enough.  I can't create new folders off the Root folder in my IMAP view.  I can create new folders beneath Inbox.  Interesting side effect of that, when I deleted the two sub-folders I had created beneath Inbox it wiped out my Inbox contents too.  Fortunately, restarting fixed that.

When I click OK I do see a millisecond of some progress message but that goes away and nothing in the logs.
Maybe a synching problem with the mailserver? Have you tried creating the folder there (on the mailserver, through its webmail interface) as a workaround?
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Maybe my server/provider is just goofy.  Since The Bat! would only allow me to create folders beneath EXISTING folders, I added several beneath Inbox (from a Bat! perspective).  Then when I look at webmail, those folders are listed separately - beneath an entry titled for my domain.  So maybe my provider just does not permit user created folders at the same level as the first four.  

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