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How to change browser launched for HTML attachment?
The Bat! v7.4.16 on Windows 10. When I launch an HTML attachment, Internet Explorer launches. How can I change that?

Those are Windows settings, unrelated to The Bat. I suppose you either have to change the filetype association for HTM and HTML files to the browser of your choice, or maybe you must change the default browser under Default Apps.
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1. Thank you for the answer, it has fixed my problem.

2. That's just nuts! (On the part of Windows). I had changed my default browser to MS Edge (from Firefox), but didn't think I also needed to check extensions. It turned out that Edge was default for .htm and IE was default for .html. I didn't do that myself, it must have happened when I changed the default browser. Why in the world would that change .htm but not .html!? (Rhetorical question of course).

Appears to be working now, thanks.  
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