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How to disable "check all accounts" shortcut
Hello, very often by mistake, I type a shortcut (I don't know which one) that check all accounts (this is not a problem) but also start sending all the draft messages that are in the "outbox folder" in all my accounts. And this is a disaster...

Someone know which is this shortcut and how to disable it?

Thanks a lot
I have the similar problem of inadvertently triggering the sending of a message while I am editing it.  It happens when I am typing fast and I don't know which sequence of keys causes it.  (I don't have any system hotkeys set in Options / Other options / System Hot Keys.)  One way to send a message is Ctrl + Enter.  I couldn't disable this combination of keys in The Bat!, so I sent up a system hotkey for all Windows applications in Directory Opus, software that I always have running.  I set its function to Properties, causing a benign error when it happens.  This has trapped and prevented some unintentional sending, but unwanted sending still occurs sometimes and I don't know why.

I do have Confirm Immediate Sending enabled (checked) for each mail account in Properties / Options.  This also catches some mistaken sending, but sometimes I strike a sequence of keys that confirms the sending, which I didn't intend to initiate to begin with.


I use a somewhat older version, The Bat v8.x, and the "Check+Send ALL" shortcut there is F11. This command is part of the Tools menu.  

To change or remove the shortcut, I would have to go to Workspace | Toolbars | Customize.
In the Customize dialog, I would go to the Shortcuts tab
In the Shortcuts tab, I would open Main Menu | Tools
Double-click on "Check+Send All"
Sel ect F11 and Remove it.

Note that there are more mail sending commands such as Send Queued Mail and also Send Queued Mail Fr om All, but (on my PC) those don't appear to have keyboard shortcuts.
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Thank you very much!!!
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