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How to filter every email from a domain ending with .shop?
I'm so frustrated.

I keep looking at but I suffered brain damage resulting in working memory loss when stressed and it's way too long a page for me to retain any useful info.  And I cannot remember seeing anywhere how to set a filter for my situation.

Every day I get at least 50 SPAMS from domains ending with .shop.      I tried sender containing .shop and *.shop.  And I tried "message source":

When I filter I get this, every time:  [I guess screenshots don't work]

Not one of these 756 emails contains .shop and none are spam.

What does "filtered" mean?  Fortunately, nothing happens after I filtered

I read that there is supposed to be a TEST button somewhere, but I can't find it.

Where is the TEST button so I don't screw myself up royally?

So every time these 756 messages are "filtered", whatever that means.

How do I actually get messages from .shop to be moved to the junk folder?    

Sidenote: have no idea why antispamsniper isn't picking these up.   My****SPAM*** filter works.

Appreciate any pointers, thanks!
Account > Sorting Office Filters > New Filter

Header field | from | matches any of | [.]shop |

Don't forget to assign it to your inbox under the Folders tab.
Thanks, batshades.  

Turns out that I got so many .shop emails this morning, I looked at antispamsniper again to see whether it was working at all (it had moved maybe 5% of the spam), and eventually, I found that it wasn't registered (I had reinstalled it).

As soon as I registered, it moved a bunch of spam.   I can only guess that my trial was up and I was on a limited version, or something like that.

Wish they had some notice to let me know I forgot to add the registration code.  
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