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Basic Mail Directory?
After working very long with TB! as stand alone I'd like to try it in a small network. But I can't get it to work properly: whatever I try, I get the message: 'this is not a Basic Mail Directory'.
How do I set that one up then?

Thanks, Jos  ;)  
Trying to install it on a little LAN should work fine. What is that you try to achieve?
Installing TB on a stand alone or a LAN shouldn't make any difference. The only thing that's a bit complicated is when you try to configure multiple instances of TB (on multiple PC's) to share the same message base. Unless you're trying that, you should install all of them as 'Workstation with TCP/IP'.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Yes. I want to get about 10 users working with TB!.
I haven't much experience in setting up TB! to do that.
What is the best way to go? One machine will retrieve the mail, and distribute it to the others.
Sharing that directory is no problem. Normally I's set something like /users/user1 etc. But that doesn't seem to work with TB!.
Pointing the other machines to TB! on the server machine doesn't work either (not for me, that is.)
Note that this only works when you collect mail via pop3, when you're using imap the mail is staying on the server thus denying you the possibility to share a local message base.

The TB instance that's being used to connect, has to be setup as 'TCP/IP or Dial out server'
The TB clients need to be configured as 'Non-TCP/IP Workstation'
When you've already installed them, you can change this at:
Options -> Network & Aministration -> Network -> This machine is..

Point all setups to the same shared directory. I don't know whether TB supports relative paths, so you could try to map a drive letter to the remote shared directory.

As far as I know this should work, though for myself I'm using a real mail server that all my copies of TB are connecting to. Though I know from various people that they've got it working with TB only, a proper mail server has several advantages that I wouldn't like to deprive me of.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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