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IMAP authentication problems
After installing TheBat v3 over an older v1.62 all my IMAP accounts have been converted to POP3.

I have an IMAP account that I use only to receive mail from an IMAP server. The converted account does not receive mail any more.

I re-created the old IMAP account, but when I try to connect to the server, using any authentication method possible, the server returns an error: "Authentication failed", followed by the auth type.

The auth method I used before is MD5 CRAM-HMAC, and the mail server is uw-imapd.

Version 2 included a vastly re-written IMAP engine. V1 IMAP implementation was really not a lot more than glorified POP. As a result it is intentional that any v1 IMAP accounts are converted to POP on migration to later versions of The Bat!

Authentication failures can be due to many causes, from wrong case passwords to unsupported protocols. There can be many reasons for this and it may be useful to contact your server administrator to uncover the reason for the error.

Authentication errors are not a common problem with The Bat! and usually have a simple cause when they do arise.
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