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New account problems
I have been using The Bat since version 1. I have always had 5 or 6 different Email addresses. When I updates to version 3, I only had 5. I just recently added a 6th account, all from my service provider. When I added the new account, all the settings are the same, same mail server, same smtp. But for some reason, when the new account tries to DL messages, it just hangs and hangs.. Where there is no message to DL, it checks the server just fine, but when there is a message, it hangs up and never DLs it. All the settings are the same, I have deleted the account and recreated it a few times, still the same problems.. I am lost..

Any help??


Here's a thought - could the message you are trying to download be infected with a virus?

If the message is infected and you are running a virus scanner that locks infected files, The Bat! will not be able to get past that message and may well lock on download.
No, it's not that.. Because even when I send myself an email from one of my other accounts, it does the same thing. I am actually running another Email program so I can get messages off the new Email address..
Messages are queued in order.

If the "top" message in the queue waiting in a POP account is virus infected it will block any later messages. So messages sent "from another account" won't be coming through yet.

As for being able to use another email program to get your messages, the other email program will not use the same "download message body to temp folder before assimilating" method and may well succeed where TB! is blocked.

Then again, if you have emptied the waiting message queue and TB! still hangs then something else is going on.

When downloads stall, you can use the "Dispatch mail on server" function to inspect all waiting messages and delete some from the server without having to download them.

You might want to try that out.
I am having the exact same problem.  This is the first time I have tried adding a new account since I upgraded to 3.0.  I have added and deleted 3 accounts and each time I have the same problem.  The connection center will open, it will connect, then report that it is getting number of messages and at that point it just hangs.  You can't even close the program, even if you abort/delete the task.  

For two of the accounts they were duplicates of accounts I already have entered in The Bat.  Using the previously entered accounts I can get mail.  But for any new accounts the program hangs.  So it is the same mail, same accounts, same network, everything.  But trying to get mail on a newly created account causes The Bat to hang.

I am on Win2000.

Oddly, I rebooted for a different reason and now all is well The Bat.  Weird.

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