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Anti-spam mark "good mail" as Junk !, Anti-Spam reject "good mail" to junk
TheBat! 3.0 with BayesIt! 0.6 put my good mail in the junk folder. Even if the sender address is in the Address Book . And I have a filter that should put the E-mail from known sender into the <Known>  folder.

I think that the BayesIt! filter does it job BEFORE the TheBat! filtering and NOT after... Can someone confirm this ?

Thanks in advance,
Yes, it cuts in before filtering, but needs training.

That's what the "Mark as junk" and "Mark and NOT junk" menu items are for. The more Ham and Spam you feed to a Bayes filter, the more accurate it becomes over time.

Of course, cutting in before the filter system means that the Bayes filter knows nothing of address books.

But that means nothing in itself. I've had spam sent to me using a from address I have in my address book. I've even had complaints about spam "I sent" (spammers have my email address and are likely to use it as a fake from address).
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