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Sorting Folders
I am new to The Bat and really like it so far. I have imported my personal folders from Outlook and in The Bat I want them sorted alphabetically, but they are all out of order and makes finding a folder difficult. How do I sort my personal folders alphabetically in The Bat?

Look at the folder tree below the menu there is a bar with name / unread / total
Click it and it will present you with sorting options.
However if it doesn't comeout exactly as you want, hold down <ctrl><shift> and use the left/right, up/down arrow keys to fine tune the order
Thanks Rick! That worked perfectly.

When one has sorted alphabeticlly is there anyway to keep the Inbox at the top ? I tried renaming it but it doesn't allow me to do that.
After you've sorted them, you can drag the Invox to the top.
Select the Inbox and press Ctrl+Shift+Up until it's at the desired location.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Yes I realise I can do it manually, I just wanted a way to say "always keep the inbox on top". Everytime I add a new folder (daily) I sort alphabetically and then have to manually move the inbox.
Genius ! I have been sorting manually for ages ;-)
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