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How to disable Voyager master pasword
Can someone tell me how to remove completely the master password? Master pasword that opens The Bat! Voyager. MAIN access password as soon as The Bat launches.
it can not be removed in Voayager
on the next version will be possibilyties to enable/disable the master password ?
I guess no. Use theBat if you don't want a startup password. Can't see why this could be a problem.
I've been told that it's possible to run Voyager with an empty password. So backup your messagebase, uninstall Voyager (I guess deleting will do just fine) and install it again and just press Enter when asked for a password.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
yep, this works. It will still ask you for your passwort on every start, but well, you can just press enter.
Or you can use an auto-it or AutoHotkey script to pass the password automatically every time you start Voyager and the password dialog comes up.
I hate all time pressing enter then start Voyager...
I find in this thread that the master password cannot be removed. Is it possible to simply change the password?

Sorry, please ignore this question as I found the (depressing) answer at:
Hello! I decided to up this topic because my question was answered already.

I get acquainted with The Bat! and select the Voyager, because I like portable progs for their flexibility. I have a folder at my PC, where this programs be, so I work with it at my PC, but if it will be needed at my laptop for example - I can copy it to my flash drive and use it anywhere else.

So is there's a way to remove the Voyager password away, because there's not conveniently to press the Enter after every reboot? I understand that it's made for the security reasons, but can we care about our security by itself? Do you concider that The Bat! users are small children and don't understand where there put their flashes? Sorry, but it's a mistake. I think there can be a possibility to change this option in the settings, but not for default of course. Or do you think that you're a Google, that doesn't give freedom to their Android and solves everything for them? What is a mode to imitate them? Peoples are independent persons and must solve everything by themselves.

Thanks for attention and long for the answer!

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