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Importing Outlook Mail, Need help importing Outlook pst
I tried the Mailbox Import Wizard to import my Outlook messages from Outlook 2003.  I chose "Microsoft Outlook" and get error message: "Cannot find MS Outlook components to perform import"

My "pst" files (3 in total - 2 pst files are archives" are located in the following Folder:

I then figured that The Bat! is only checking for the pst files in the default directory into which Outlook i originally installed the pst files, so I copied the 3 files to:
C:\Documents & Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
However, once again, I got the same error.

Can anyone help me to import my Outlook data?
I am not sure which Outlook versions are supported, but The Bat! uses Otlook API for import, so if You have PST files only and Outlook is not installed, import can not be done.
I have Outlook 2003 installed and working. But the The Bat! import still doesn't work.

I recently installed Wordperfect Mail and had no problem importing all the Outlook messages.  I am not happy with Wordperfect Mail and this is why I am migrating to The Bat!

Unfortunately, The Bat! has no way to import from Wordperfect Mail - which only exports files in Mbox format.  Unless you have an idea of how it can be done.  I have been downloading all mail to both Outlook and Wordperfect Mail, so both programs have all my messages.
Unfortunately, The Bat! has no way to import from Wordperfect Mail - which only exports files in Mbox format.
Do I understand correctly and WordPErfect Mail exports to mbox format? Then I don't see the problem, mbox format is also known as Unix Mailboxformat. So when you export to this with WPMail, put the extension .mbx on the files and import it with The Bat!
OK, I exported from WordPerfect Mail in .mbox format.

I then first tried to import as Unix Mail, but "0" messages were imported.  Then I renamed the file to .mbx

The file could not be imported as a Unix file (obviously).  So the only choice I had was to use the Import Wizard.  But what e-mail format do I choose the Import Wizard to import.  The Import Wizard specifies various e-mail programs but doesn't give the option to import an .mbx file.

By the way, thanks for your help so far.
Damn, it should work like this but unfortunately Mbox format is not always the same :(
You could try with the Wizard set to Eudora but I really have no clue what to do exactly now. Sorry.
Perhaps someone else here can help you :(
I tried Eudora - no luck!
Try this for mbx files
This is the link to the Poco Mail converter (mbx files) but there are others

DL a demo and see if it will do it - if not nothing lost.
Hi Ervin,

I use Aid4Mail and can highly recommend it for dragging email from one client to another.  In fact, it's done the conversion you seek for me (Outlook 2003 to Bat!, and back) a couple of times already.  You'd be hard pressed to name a client I haven't dragged mail to/from using Aid4Mail.  It's operation/function is flawless!

It's not free .. but, if you play with different clients, it just might be a worthwhile investment for you.

Good luck.
This thread seems to have morphed from Outlook -> TBB into TBB -> Outlook.

I have a situation similar to OP's. I have Outlook 2003 and a bunch of PST files. Office 2003 isn't officially supported under Win 10, and we're thinking of taking this opportunity to move that user from Outlook to TB! (I've been on TB! since I moved from PMMail :) at the same time they move to Win 10.

Office 2003 does install on Win 10 but I'm not confident about its functionality (get Error 1019 related to ODBC). Without opening those PST files in Outlook 2003 (and potentially doing who knows what damage), is there a way to get them into TBB? I used Aid4Mail to go PMMail->TBB years ago, but I don't see PST-TBB listed as an option.

Alternatively, has anyone had any success installing the current Outlook (paying the $10 for a month) and then importing into TBB?

Any suggestions will be appreciated, but it's already a hard sell to convince this person they need to pay for an email client, I'll have trouble getting agreement to pay for conversion software on top.

I have used Aid4Mail with no regrets.

Does the best for bulk migration.

Of course depending on the number of users: Use a local IMAP mailserver to transfer between clients.
This of course requires manual time for each enduser and can not be automated. Outlook -> Exchange/Bat Post or IMAP server -> The Bat!
Thanks, that's very helpful. I asked Aid4Mail and of course they don't support TBB as an output format. Am I understanding that I would use Aid4Mail to convert Outlook PST to "IMAP Accounts" [from the Aid4Mail list of formats]? We've been using Outlook as POP3, would this force us to change to IMAP for The Bat?

Use aid4mail to convert Outlook PST to mbx. Then use the bat import wizard against the mbx  

the other option was to setup your own internal IMAP server and use that from Outlook to The Bat.

another utility that has been used in past IMAPsize which has a feature of syncing (copy) mbx to an IMAP server. Has many features with the bonus of being freeware  
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