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Knowledgebase has outdated bayesit info - how do I do this?, where did the wizard for initial training go?
When searching the knowledge base, I found a link to a "newest" version of the bayesit, but that version is older than the one included in the download (bat3). Also there is a link to "all I need to know" about the plug-in. But that site it says this: ATTENTION! It is deprecated document which is actual for the plugin up to version 0.4gm. Since the add-on BayesIt was included into official distribution of the last versions of The Bat!, the information page about installing and setting up the plugin (ver. 0.5.x and newer) is now placed at RitLabs website (see at section "Solution" on official RitLabs site

yeah great - I am going in circles!!!

Still on the site I see a picture of an initial training wizard. Is that one out? It is really frustrating to scroll thru outdated info in a support section. Can you please tell me, what to do? I did "add" and try to configure the plug-in. But I do not see as many options as in the "initial training wizard".

check out my message on getting latest version, I just wrote a small novel a few mins ago.. in this forum.
Oh, my goodness! I am going to make this page about half a year! Just now I have anough time to do that and I think I'll finally do it shortly.
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