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Search engine able to index The Bat mails?

I am looking for a good local search engine able to index The Bat mails. This feature doesn't seem to exist within The Bat

What do you suggest? Unfortunately Google desktop doesn't seem to support The Bat

Any idea?


duralux duralux writes:
This feature doesn't seem to exist within The Bat

What feature does not exist? Search ?

A desktop search tool should be able to search in .tbb files as they contain messages as plain text along with headers (if not encrypted). But you'll not be able to open the particular message containing what you looked for. So better use theBat, it has a good and fast search.
There used to be a plugin for TB that enabled Google Desktop to just that: opening messages with found items. But as I never used Google Desktop I wasn't very interested in such a plug-in and didn't keep track of it.
It may have been mentioned somewhere on this forum. But I don't know whether it's still supported, so it might not interact properly with the new message base format.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Yes the plugin doesn't work anymore and it's not updated.

Why don't you add this feature directly within The Bat? It would be a great feature :-)

I have more than 20 accounts and it's very slow to use the search option of the Bat   :-(

BTW anyone has news concerning this potential feature?

I used to use Archivarius.  It can index The Bat!  Unfortunately, the user interface is confusing and has had some bugs in how messages are retrieved.  I switched to dtSearch.  This is an outstanding indexer but requires a different format.  Therefore, I use Aid4Mail for conversion.  Once per week, I have Aid4Mail append new The Bat! messages onto a Mozilla mailbox.  I can then use dtSearch to index the Mozilla mailboxes.  dtSearch automatically parses the messages properly and allows for complex searching including searching on sender, recipient, subject, or any text.
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