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Excessively persistent auto-complete, removing 2nd & 3rd addresses from auto-completed TO: field
Sometimes I send a mail to one person and sometimes the same one to several at once. When I want to send to just one of several that have been group-sent before, it still auto-completes the rest after the first. I have to delete the rest of the addresses at least twice before they stay off the TO: field. Is there some way to reduce the persistence of the auto-complete when it comes to multiple addresses?
Edited: n0ukf - 30 August 2010 00:10:34
You could check the settings for the auto-complete for the To: field
Options -> Preferences -> Messagew headers -> To: -> Edit -> Editing
If you set the autocomplete to the address book, it won't do any multiple addresses at all, or set it to address books and history. Provided that the addresses you want to send to are in your address book they might take perecedence for the autocomplete.
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Another thing with autocomplete. I sent a mail to a friend tonight but wasn't paying attention to the autocompleted address. What was used was an old address that's no longer in the addressbook but was used years ago. Is there any way to delete (specific) old addresses from the history?
I was searching for an answer to remove old addresses from the history list for the same reason - inadvertently sent a message to someone at an old email address.  I find checking for that all the time a real nuisance.

What I did figure out is to edit ADDRESS.HIS (one for each subfolder) with an editor that can handle hex files (Ultraedit) and just replace the alphabetic characters in the unwanted email address with a lot of xx's. That kept the integrity of the file, which seems to have a byte count before each address, but ensures that the old name will not keep on coming up.
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