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All The Bat! files lost?
The Bat! Professional v4.0.38, Windows 7 Ultimate.

Yesterday I launched The Bat! and it asked if I wanted to check for updates on startup (I said yes), then told me there was an upd ate (I said don't download). After that virtually all my emails and folders were gone! There are 2 emails in my Inbox and one in a folder "Google Alerts" but I think they were downloaded at that point (I have it set to use Message Dispatcher at all times, so my guess is that it popped up and I downloaded the 2 emails without knowing everything was already missing).

At first I thought the "check for updates" chat I had with the software was the cause but now I'm wondering if it's the symptom, i.e. that the setting for that flag had disappeared with everything else.

Under Preferences, I have mail directory se t to "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\The Bat\" where [username] is my login. When I go there using Windows Explorer I see all 19 email accounts but every Inbox\MESSAGES.TBB is 4K. There are some where that could actually be right, but certainly not the 4000+ that were in my main account's Inbox.

Except my main account, every one one of those 19 accounts has exactly 4 folders under it: Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Trash, and exactly 4 files (ACCOUNT.FLB, .~FLB, .SRB and Account.CFN). In the main account there's also a folder "Google Alerts" which corresponds to the one email there.

I also have no personal entries in the Address Book, no personal View Modes, and I don't know what else is missing but I assume everything.

It's hard to believe a system (Windows) error would have caused this since the account structure is still there.  Is there a known problem in The Bat! that corresponds to this, and is there a fix?


[I also sent this to support]
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Dear awebber,

Thank you for your post.

Did you ever get your issue solved?

It did happen today to me as well.

Thanks and

Best regards,

Did you try a system restore from a recent backup? I'm wonderng if the registry became corrupted and that may be why TB! isn't 'seeing' anything.  Just a thought...   good luck,
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