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IMAP accounted bundled, When I installed the bat! on a new laptop IMAP didn't sync sub-folders, I clicked "reset list" and now my gmail account is a sub-set of another IMAP account.

I recently bought a new laptop and installed the bat!. I have 3 accounts:

1. Personal domain (pop)
2. Business acct (IMAP via Google apps)
3. Gmail (IMAP)

The pop migration was a a piece of cake and it worked fine. IMAP not so.

I set up account 2 and 3 and it worked ok, but i noticed that my sub-folders were missing. If I logged into webmail, I could see them. So there was a sync problem. I checked the forum and learned that I needed to "manage IMAP folders" for the account, and in there click "reset list".

I did that, and it screwed it all up.

Acct 2 is now fine, and I'm happy. But account 3, the Gmail account is no longer a standalone account. It has been renamed "[Gmail]" and is now a subset of account #2.

I DO NOT want this to be the case. the Gmail account needs to be a separate account from my Google apps business account. One is business, and one is personal, and they need to be set up and configured differently.

I CANNOT delete the Gmail account. I get some generic error message that it can't be done. This is HIGHLY annoying.

Can someone please help me to

1. Delete the Gmail account
2. Tell me if I can simply add a new account with the gmail data without having this happen again


Is it possible that your gmail account really is a subset of your business account? Or maybe even the other way around.
You could test this by managing the imap folders for the businees account and check whether you see all of them.
Anyhow, try to unsub the [gmail] tree in the business account and next try to create a new gmail account. Maybe that helps.

Keep in mind that gmail's imap implementation doesn't store its messages in folders, but in a single folder. And the messages have flags to what folder(s) they belong. So maybe your two accounts really are part of the same account and that would complicate things a bit, but that might be remedied by creating two accounts with each a different subset of subscribed folders. (No, I didn't test that.)

You mention being unable to delete the gmail account, is that the [gmail] tree in the business account or is that the old gmail account. In the first case it's merely a matter of uncsubscribing the stuff. In the latter case, you should be able to delete it by selecting the account's root and then via the menu: account -> delete. But don't delete it, try to manage its folders. IMAP accounts should be simultananeously accessible from multiple locations and TB is able to handle multiple accounts. (I've had one of the v5 betas handle 14 accounts on just two servers without any problems.) So there's no reason why it shouldn't be able to handle two gmail accounts (provided that they've got different usernames and passwords.)
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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