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Generate QR Code, How to use it?
Well I know how to generate the code; but, now what do I do with it? It doesn't let me copy it, it doesn't let me add it to my email, it doesn't let me drag and drop it onto anything. So, I thought maybe somebody could explain to me how it works. I found no instructions on it at all, and a forum search turns up nothing.
Nothing? Well, it isn't just me then. No big deal. I don't know what I would have used it for exactly. Maybe, if I owned a business I could have found a use for it.
Only way to copy it, is by making a screendump (PrintScreen) and paste it in an image viewer.

Other way would be to make a picture of it with your smartphone, that way you'll have the info copied to your phone.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
The "QR Code Generator" window in The Bat! has "Copy" button that copies the image of the generated code into the clipboard so you could paste it to an HTML message. It also has the "Save as" button that allows you to save it to a PNG file. You can attach this file to your email, for example. Here is a page at the website that explains this in detail with screenshots:
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