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HTML template TheBat! 5, HTML template from HTML source code or anyhow
Is there a way I can create an HTML email message from the HTML web page I have prepared previously in other software, not in TheBat!
I have a ready page which I want to send by email but not as attachment.
I converted the CSS to inline CSS but I don't see the option to insert the HTML code to new email message in TheBat! 5
Is it possible at all?
Thanks for any answer.

Have you found a way to ins ert HTML in to TheBat! email messages? Maybe you can save an empty template and then edit the file in which it is saved using Notepad++ or similar text editor. This can be done in Outlook, but I have not found a way to do this with TheBat!.

If someone knows how I can insert HTML code into TheBat, please reply.
I really need this option.
Edited: Vojkan Cvijanovic - 16 October 2018 17:18:59
When you edit a HTML template in The Bat, there's a Macros option in the menu. It has a command named 'Include a Template File'. Have you tried if that does what you need?

Templates are stored in a file named ACCOUNT.CFN (within that account's subfolder in the mail directory). However, this is a binary file in an undocumented format and editing it directly, using a hex editor, would likely lead to serious unexpected problems, if it works at all. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a good backup and time to make sense of its format.
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