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Help: Can't destory a Folder template, Folder Message Templates
I've been experimenting with Message- and Quick-Templates. Now I realised that I've accidentaly created some "New" and "Reply" templates for specific account folders (eg: "inbox" for a given account).

I can't:

  • Find a way to delte the folder template (and revert to the default account template)
  • Access a list of the folder templates that I've created

The documentation says:

Do not be afraid to make changes – you can quickly restore the default template by clicking the "Restore Default Template" button.

But this option is available on on the main accounts templates (and if i choose to "restore" in the main account, it does not have any effect on folder templates).

I have now created a unified template system, via Quick-Templates, and I don't need folder-specific templates. If I don't manage to delete/remove those folder templates, it means that every time I change something in the main template I have also to change all the folder templates.

Also, since I can't access from a single place the list of all folder templates in use, I am not sure how many of these are actually in use.

Is there a solution without having to reinstall everything? I can't just delete the "inbox" folder -- that's a main folder tied to an account.

I think that The Bat! needs an interface to access the folder templates hierarchy from a single dialog, so that even when using custom folder templates there would be no need to go in-and-out of each folder's proprieties dialogude, but instead have a tree-like structure showing all templated defined for a given account, offering easy access to each template (for creation, editing and deletion) making it easier to cut and paste snippets from one template to another.


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Right-click the folder.  Click "Properties".  Delete templates under the "Templates" section.

mikeyww wrote:
Right-click the folder.  Click "Properties".  Delete templates under the "Templates" section.

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It can't be done. I contacted support and got this:
In The Bat! there is the following hierarchy of templates: 1. personal  address book contacts' templates; 2. address book groups' templates; 3.  folder templates; 4. account templates.

Once you've modified the templates of a folder the account's templates are ignored and folders' custom templates are used.

If you want to reset folder templates, then you need to close The Bat!,  open that account's folder on the disk and delete the ACCOUNT.FLB file.  Then start The Bat!, that account will only have four default folders,  sel ect any of them and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L to restore the rest of the  folders. Now the folder templates are default.

Make use of "Start -> Run -> %email% -> OK" (press Windows+R to invoke "Run") to quickly access the mail data folder.

There is no way to reset a folder template to default from within the  program's interface. In this case you can either resent all folders'  templates as described above or simply copy over the template(s) fr om  "Account\Properties\Templates\...\". Or delete that folder and create a  new one.

In my view, a design fault in TB!  :(  
Peter Toye wrote:
It can't be done.
In the end I did manage to destroy the folder template ... but because a long time has passed since this post, I can't remember how I managed to do it.

Surely, I didn't manually edit configuration folders, as suggested. I think that I might have just deleted all template contents, and that an empty template was then treated as a lack of template — but I can't vouch this was the solution.

Anyhow, it's possible from within the application UI. Maybe if developers could confirm this here it would be a useful reference.
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