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Replace sender on forwarded messages
Apologies for posting this question but I just can't get anywhere near the solution...
I got lots of forwarded messages from my other email addresses to the corporate one, which I then download into TheBat. Obviously thus the sender is my other email address, eg Reply is working fine, because when replying, it replies to the original sender, not to However, in TheBat, the From column shows always

I tried creating an account filter to copy the emails by stripping the Fwd in the subject, and replacing the sender name %FROMADDR=%OFROMADDR, but it doesnt work... I guess there must be an easy solution for this, can somebody help? Thanks!
Try not to forward those messages, but to redirect them. That way the messages pretend to come from the originasl address.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Roelof, thanks for the recommendation - sadly, the university Novell Netware system does not allow 'redirect', I can only set up rules for forwarding. Nevertheless I will ask the sysadmin again, but its unlikely that they would allow this.
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