TinyWeb Revision History

0.5 (02 December 1997)

  • Supported (but not tested enough) "Location" and "Status" CGI script output directives. Your feedback would be appreciated.
  • Supported CGI command line options, mostly used for ISINDEX query.
  • Changed the algorithm of determining requester's host name. Now the address resolved back an forward to produce a true picture.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with launching CGI scripts and tested with ActivePerl by ActiveState.
  • Introduced a resetter thread that shuts down the sockets that are completely inactive for 5 minutes.
  • Duplicate binds are now reported.
  • It is now possible to bind the daemon to specified port (secong command line parameter) and specified address (third commandline parameter).
  • Now supports more CGI environment variables.

0.6 (17 December 1997)

  • Fixed a bug with pointer access violation after calling gethostbyname().

0.7 (21 December 1997)

  • TinySSL gets available.

0.7/SSL (2 May 1998)

  • TinySSL uses SSLeay DLLs v0.9.0.

0.9 (18 May 1998)

  • Fixed a bug that added extra CR/LF after CGI output.
  • "GMT" abbreviation was not added after "Date:" and "Last-Modified:".
  • Added "If-Modified-Since" support to be proxy-friendly and mirroring-friendly.
    • Quick Tip: Don't cruise the cyberspace alone; go with a group! Use a caching proxy server.

1.0 (1-Jun-1998)

  • Fixed environment processing (thanks to Koos Lodewijkx)

1.0a/SSL (26-Jun-1998)

  • TinySSL uses SSLeay DLLs v0.9.0a. You should upgrade from previous version to avoid PKCS#1 padding attack.

1.3 (12-Oct-1998)

  • Now compiles with Delphi 2.0-4.0

1.4 (17-Oct-1998)

  • Fixed "CGI Script Returned Nothing" bug while trying to invoke non-existent .EXE application using CGI (thanks to Rainer W. Gerling).
  • CGI applications are now executing with SW_HIDE instead of DETACHED_PROCESS. It allows to run .EXE application from perl scripts. See helloexe.pl example inside TinyWeb package (thanks to Ada Neznamov).

1.4/SSL (12 December 1998)

1.5 (20 December 1998)

  • CGI executable cache.
  • Added WaitForInputIdle() call to prevent from running GUI applications as CGI.

1.6 (21 January 1999)

  • Fixed problems with executing CGI, when script name or executable name contained space characters (thanks to Nick McDaniel).

1.4/SSL (23-Nov-1999)

  • TinySSL is shipped again with 0.8.1 SSLeay DLLs as testing has shown them as most stable, though they were vulnerable to PKCS#1 padding attack. See www.openssl.org for the developed versions of SSLeay library.

1.8 (14 January 2000)

1.8/SSL (14 January 2000)

  • TinySSL is shipped with OpenSSL v0.9.4 DLLs

1.8/SSL (3 March 2000)

  • TinySSL is shipped with OpenSSL v0.9.5 DLLs

1.9 (11 May 2000)

  • Martin Lafferty made a provision to run DOS CGI under WinNT

1.94 (06 April 2017)

  • Added an additional check that the requested file name is safe (see LocalFNameSafe and FileIsRegular): that the file is a normal file rather than a device name, that the file is kept in a directory that does not have hidden or system attribute.
  • When the sever wants to close the connection due to an error and the client did send the "Connection: Keep-Alive request" header, some clients thought that the connection should continue despite the server didn't send the "Connection: Keep-Alive" response header. Now, in these cases, the server explicitly send the "Connection: Close" response header.

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