Installing TinyWeb

To install TinyWeb server just create a shortcut in Startup menu with the following properties:


c:\www\bin\tiny.exe c:\www\root

Start In


c:\www\bin\tiny.exe is the path to TinyWeb executable, c:\www\root is the path to www home (root) directory, and c:\www\log is the directory for log files TinyWeb keeps.

TinyWeb is neither windowed nor console application, moreover, it is not a Windows Service. Once started, tiny.exe will appear in Task List. There is no way to stop Tiny Web except End Task operation.

Command-line Options

  • First parameter (mandatory) is a path www home (root) directory.
  • Second parameter (optional) is a port number. By default it is 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS(SSL/TLS).
  • Third parameter (optional) is a dotted-decimal IP address to bind the server. By default, TinyWeb binds to all available local addresses.


Run TinyWeb on port 8000:
c:\www\bin\tiny.exe c:\www\root 8000

Run TinyWeb on port 8000 and address
c:\www\bin\tiny.exe c:\www\root 8000

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