• I reffered your Tiny to a friend, and he had it set up in 4 min. It is a very good program. <Bryan Turner>

  • I just wanted to thank you for providing this web server free of charge. I downloaded about 7 web servers off of "windows95.com" and all of them were made by big companies and stuff and none of them worked as good as yours. I wanted another one just so I could have SSI, but after installing 7 of the others and none of them working as good or as simple as yours, I decided to stick with tinyweb. Anyway, thanks for a great, no-hassle web server. <Jay Olive>

  • Thanks for sharing your engineering talent with those of us who are C++ challenged :-) <Ken Hopper>

  • A web server in 40K!? Wow, I am impressed with TinyWeb. Sure, it isn't exactly the most full featured web server that you can download, but it sure is the smallest! The thing I like about it is that it has a very small memory footprint, and it works. Very neat indeed. <Evan Jones>

  • I'm just moving into Delphi & Winsock programming in a serious way (Lots of coding experience but new to these two environments). You're TinyWeb source code should be great for learning/experimenting! <Andy Frankford>

  • Cool program! Nice to see other people who want a simple server without soo much bloat! <Bruce Orcutt>

  • The Concept is excellent. I'm already running WinGate, which is a proxy server for intranets to allow each workstation on to the internet. All I wanted was a little http server to serve my actual home page, but I needed CGI. With all of the other servers, if they had CGI, then they usually also came with FTP, smtp, pop3, and so much other stuff. I did not want to do a lot of setting up, and I did not want anything but http. TinyWeb filled this gap nicely. It is incredibly easy to install, and integrates well with other things on your computer, not taking it over. And it was surprisingly easy to get perl to work.<Kim Saunders>

  • TinyWEB is pretty cool. I liked how it runned in the backround. I also run another program, though, for my domain name (which I got at http://www.ml.org) to work right, because I have a static IP. Still, I like TinyWEB because when somebody goes to your site, they don't need to go trough a server handling hundreds of requests. It goes directly to your site. Also, you won't need to upload files, because there already on your site! TinyWEB is a cool program. <Chance Original>

  • You know it already, but I have to say it once more: Your "tinyweb" is an excellent little web server, very very easy to install and.. well.. it works... ;) And the best: it's freeware and the sources are also free... I am a delphi programmer, and I am surprised how compact the program is... I don't know if we'll ever need a web-server in our projects, but if, it will surely be based on tinyweb... Once more: thank you.. <Juergen Witte>

  • Thanks for developing and sharing Tiny Web! It is one of the best basic Web servers to have come along to date, and NOBODY can argue about it's size, performance and low impact on the host system. I have found absolutely NOTHING to complain about in Tiny Web. <Bill Powell>

  • I must congratulate you on your excellent web server program (TinyWeb), this is a great bit of code and I have found it perfect for creating a small, quick and easy web server.<Wayne Haigh>

  • I am so impressed with TinyWeb. Awsome coding!! I enjoyed reading the code. Prof looking! Lol. It just worked. I unzip it and ran it. It it just works. Wild!!!! heh. Very rar with server programs. :-) <Jonas E. Hjortlund>

  • Most stable of all I've tried. No server side includes, which is a bummer, but much more stable than [other web servers]. Has never crashed on me! <Kamilche>

  • At just a few K I thought this program would be a waste of time but after a 2 second download and a minute setting it up, this will be the only web server I'll be using, its stable its small and most off all its free! <Richard Mckee>

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