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Incredibly slow sending/receiving!
I made few tests with the same attachment (24MB) sending from the same SMTP account with the same settings in 3 different email clients:

Sending using thunderbird: 12 seconds
Sending using Sylpheed: 40 seconds
Sending using The Bat: 62 seconds

Why The Bat, paid program, is much slower than free ones? It's really annoying.
I observed the same thing for roughly two months!   8-((
I had the same problem. I don't remember exactly how I fixed it, but I know I showed another user the fix at one time.  Maybe you can search my previous posts for the answer.  
I check all your posts, but I didn't found it.
It was a comment I made on another users question.  I found it and pasted it below.  
Write back and let us know if it helps.

I solved the problem on my end. I changed the "Receive Mail" Authentication to RFC-1734. As a bonus, my email now downloads faster. RFC-1734 may not work for you, so try one of the other authentications until you get the results you need. Click Account -> Properties.

As I suspect - nothing happens. I'm talking about sending mail, not receiving. And my connection speed (upload) is really great, so I can upload the same attachment on server using FTP in 2 seconds (The Bat needs 62 seconds to send the same file).

I also change almost all parameters in my network card, but without success. Sending is crappy.

Unfortunatelly, this forum is for users only, because Ritlabs programmers are sooo busy to read all that posts (2 per week) and answers users on forum (so everyone can read solutions or at least answers). How they want to sell more copies of The Bat if ritlabs-users communication is so limited? Good luck.

EDIT: I was testing that on Windows 7 (two different computers, two different versions - 32 and 64bit), today I've check on Windows 8 and sending is faster. Much faster. Strange.
Edited: Frank Fornovsky - 25 February 2014 20:26:29
I have no complaints about the the download transfer speed (POP,) either - however, I'm not at all satisfied with the upload transfer speed (SMTP.) :(

Here's a screenshot of The Bat! at just about 33.55 Kb/s on my internet connection which has an upload speed of 3.5 Mb/s:--

What's surprising is that I was receiving the same SMTP transfer speed on The Bat! even with my earlier internet connection which was relatively slower (1.5 Mb/s.) :o

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Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit) | The Bat! Pro 6.2.14 | MailWasher Pro 7.3.0 (Beta)
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