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Using The Bat! on an MS Surface 3 with a High Resolution Touch Screen, Configuring Touch Friendly Layout
I have just started using a Microsoft Surface 3 with a high resolution screen and a one year Office 365 subscription so I have been able to look at  Outlook 2013 which has been well optimised for touch use with the screen in landscape mode. If I can duplicate this layout with the Bat! I will be happy.
I have selected  Workspace| Windows Split Mode| Horizontal Split and placed the Standard Toolbar on the right. However, the toolbar icons are too small to be used easily. I have added a horizontal bar between each icon but they still need to be approximately 50% taller.
Is there  way I can do this?
>> but they still need to be approximately 50% taller.
>>Is there  way I can do this?

Not easily, I think.  I'm a Bat newbie (but have been a programmer for 30+ yrs), so I'll take a stab at this.

On the Download section, there is a document for developers about customizing interface skins:

This doc describes the way to make custom-sized bitmaps be used as icons in The Bat.  Unless you are a programmer, this will probably be way more than you can deal with.  Making the new icon glyphs is probably the hardest part. But who knows, maybe Ritlabs already has other icon sizes that they can send you, if you wish really hard :{}.  You should ask them in the support section.
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Try the Old Version 5.0.36.
I was using this with my UHD Display and wasnt satisfied with the Look.
So i upgraded to 6.8.8 which made it even worse.
The Icons in the old Version where double the size of the new one 8(
Gonna check right now if it is a setting problem with imported old backup settings, but i dont think so.

Update: Checked it out and could not get a new install of the old 5.0.36 to show the big icons.
Its just working in my old Windows 7 installation. rly no idea why.
What might help you is, if you switch Titles on for the Icons they are a bit more spread out.
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Further to Thomas Shearer's reply, have a look at this site, which offers several ready-made icon sets and also offers documentation (site is in german, but offers a trasnslation button). I don't know if large icons are included but if not, you could search google for words like batskin.xml or glyphs.bmp and glyphs.png to see if any big-icon sets are available elsewhere.
 The Bat! version 7.4 works with high resolution very well. The program looks on ultra-high-definition 4K monitors as good as it does on ordinary ones. The users of regular monitors who have configured Windows to scale the user interface, for example, by 150%, will also benefit from these improvements in The Bat! in that version.  
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