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Icons very small on WIndows 10 tablet, Windows 10, icons
I have just put The Bat! on a Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid. I can change the size of all the text in the program but the icons are tiny.  Sometimes the message text is also very small but I've set up a shortcut to resize that.

I'm using the latest 32 bit version because I want to carry on using a 32 bit addon.  I have used The Bat! on a similar size screen before on a Windows 7 laptop (though it was an earlier version) and had no problems with the size of icons.

Any ideas?
Hallo Sharon,

I have exactly the same problems.  In my case it is due to a very high (QHD) resolution on my dell xps13 laptop.  It seems that The Bat does not play well with Windows 10 or high resolution screens.  As a matter of fact windows 10 struggles in many ways with this (I hate windows 10 in every way).

The icons in TB are not supplied in a resolution that works.  They need to supply them in a higher resolution in the program so that they scale properly.  The same thing happens with the HTML viewer.  TB simply does not play well with high resolution screens.  I am sure that they are working on this as the trend is for higher resolution in the future.  At least I hope that they are.

Are you sure that you have not set your graphics to display too high a resolution?

One work around for the icon sizes is to go into the tool bar settings and  make sure that you select "toolbar" icons.  Also, there is a setting somewhere to add titles to the icons (a word or two).  This makes TB more usable.

How did you fix the HTML issue?  You mentioned a "short cut"?  How and where?

Can you start a ticket with Ritlabs on this please?  The more people mention the problem the quicker I am sure that they will fix it.

Sad to see that The Bat! still is not able to work with UHD resolution screens! On a Surface Pro 4 (2736x1824) screen the icons are so small. Why is Ritlabs not repairing this poor behaviour of its software?  
Did you try the solution from the last message in this thread?
 The Bat! version 7.4 works with high resolution very well. The program looks on ultra-high-definition 4K monitors as good as it does on ordinary ones. The users of regular monitors who have configured Windows to scale the user interface, for example, by 150%, will also benefit from these improvements in The Bat! in that version.  
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