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CardDav / Import Google Contacts, Trying to synchronize with or import Google Contacts with V6 or V7
I'm currently using V6 and have been unable to import Google Contacts.  I'm also trying a V7 trial and trying to set up a CardDav synchronization with my Google Contacts or to import them.  None of it is working.  

When I try to import Google contacts, I get the error message "[Google Import] Login failed".  (When I create the address book, I specify that it's associated with Google Contacts).  I've also tried setting the Proxy under Options/Network&Administration, but all it does is cause a several minutes delay before I get the error message.

When I try CardDav and do a manual synchronize, it hangs perpetually without doing anything.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or failing to do?
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Import Google Contacts now works for me in The Bat Pro V7,trial but not in Voyager v6.

However what I really want is to be able to synchronize The Bat V7 address book with my Google Contacts, but I still can't do it.  When I  click Synchronize, I immediately get the following message:

"CardDAV - Synchronization finished (0 downloaded, 0 uploaded, 0 deleted).

I'm using the following settings:
This Address Book is: Associated with a CardDAV server,
Server address:
User ID/email: my usual Google login info

What am I doing wrong?
I've found the answer.  In case anyone else has the same question, the answer is simple.  I was mistakenly trying to set the address book to be associated with a CardDAV server.  The correct way is to associate it with Google Contacts.  It works perfectly and synchronizes my address book with my Google Contacts.

The instructions are here:
Thanks for the great post with the link to the solution!
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