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Reply email "Green line", What are the green lines?
Can anybody help me find out , what are all these "Dashed Green lines" while replying? The format is HTML...

Thank you
I am not getting that here. Please post back your Bat version, operating system and Screen resolution you are using
The only thing I can think of is highlighting the green lines and  see if there are while letters on a while background in there for som ereason.
If you can take a screen shot that might help
How to sent photos?
Edited: Efstratios Chatzianagnostou - 19 November 2016 11:04:32 (The photos were not uploaded)
Find a place to host your image (imgur, photobucket, flickr, etc). Then write your message here and click the little landscape icon above the editor to link to your image file.
Please try the photo:

In my "replies" i have many of them and i am chainging to plain text and after to html...
I don't get those green lines, but I still use a very old version of The Bat. At first sight, they look like page separators (they might indicate the page length at the current printer settings) - but that is just a guess.
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