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Parent folder mismatch, Parent folder pointing to wrong location
I've seen this many times and until I understood it, I occasionally lost messages.

In the process of moving folders around and sometimes fr om one email account to another using ctrl+shift+arrows, it seems that folders get duplicated in TB tree and then both point to the same physical file location.

So I can have folder 1 under parent A and then the identical folder 1 also under parent B, but the latter when I alt+enter to look at properties, also points to parent A.  That is, both folders "contain" the same messages.

On the PC, folder 1 exists under parent A but it does not exist under parent B

The folder tree in TB does not match the file structure on the PC.

I've also had the instance wh ere I move folder 1 from Parent B to A and under A, it matches the file structure but there is also a matching-named folder 1 under Parent B that has a matching file folder, but the messages are gone.  So in this instance, it's like everything got "moved" from B to A, but instead of the files getting removed from B on the PC, only the messages get moved and the folder and .tbn and .tbb files remain.  So doing shift+alt+ctrl+L "recovers" this ghost folder.

I honestly have no idea right now how widespread this issue is as I have 1000+ folders and I am constantly renaming and moving them to stay organized so this suck.

I have a support ticket open but hoping the community can also chime in here

I was able to fix this by renaming the FLB file and c+a+s+L to recover all folders (which annoyingly enough, alphabetically organized all my folders and sub-folders, and reset all my custom views)

But then it happened again this morning.  I had moved a folder fr om location A to location B yesterday.

Today I went to move 2 messages to the folder in location B and after I did that, I noticed there were only 2 messages in that folder wh ere there should have been dozens.

I opened up the file folder to find that physical files existed in both locations, both with the same name, one having a small file size and the other large.

Back to TB, I did c+a+s+L and it recovered the folder in Location B, but it was showing the same 2 messages, only those 2, and both folders have the same name and again are showing location A as the "parent" - so the folder tree showing location A shows location A under properties, and the folder tree showing location B also shows location A under properties.

I closed TB and renamed the physical file in Location B (the one with the larger file size) and opened TB and recovered folders, so now I have the newly named folder correctly shown in Location B and it contains all the messages, PLUS I have the same 2 folders as before (both pointing to the same parent folder in Properties, but showing in the folder tree in 2 different locations)

I moved the 2 emails to the new folder in Location B and deleted the folder out of the tree in Location A and BOTH of these folders disappeared.

Does anyone know if there is a way to turn on some kind of tracking system to capture this when it happens?  I don't know when this bug actually occurs, I can only find out about it afterwards. Usually it's when I make changes then close TB, and then open it the next day.

I have a feeling that the error occurs when a folder gets moved but it doesn't show up until you close then open TB, so I don't actively "see" it occurring. It's quite maddening!
Have you tried refreshing (Ctrl-F9) the account after moving folders?

I've never seen this error myself, but then, I hardly ever move folders around. It sounds serious enough though so I'd recommend that you file a bug report in the Support section.
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Already have a ticket open but no one is responding

Never knew about Ctrl+F9, where do you learn all these things????

still happening.

Now I found an entire folder of sub-folders pointing to the wrong place.

To make is worse:

In this case I had moved the folders multiple times, so now I have THREE folders, all pointing to the wrong parent, all showing no messages, and in ONE location, the physical folder is present with the actual messages.

I copied that folder and recovered and that one shows correct now.  Deleting any one of the 3 "ghost" folders deletes them all
Ctrl+F9 does nothing, I can't actually see that is does anything at all
Correction: deleting the "ghost" folders doesn't actually remove them from the tree, rather it does something even odder.  It leaves the folder name in place but removes the message counter, so instead of reading "0" it is just blank, for all 3 folders in this instance.  Closing and re-opening TB fixes that
Update: I've managed, so far, to avoid this issue by using alt+enter and then Browse to sel ect the destination folder.  While this is less convenient than using ctrl+shift+arrows to move folders around, it saves me fr om losing folders and having to recover and reset things all the time.

I can still re-order folders within a sub-folder, no problem.  But I think this is because this has no impact on the physical file folder structure.

Does anyone know who the support staff is or what is going on?  It's been a week now and no one has responded to my ticket.  I've paid twice for this product, I feel there's no substitute for it on many levels.  But a week with no response at all to a ticket is not very good.
This is still happening...FIX.  IT.

I'm not bothering to pay for this program again when I uncover what I consider to be a major bug (I've actually uncovered several) and no one seems to give a damn
Why do you keep using this method when you've found it to be unreliable?

When I want to move a folder from one account to another (usually to archive it), I create a new folder of the same name in the target account. Then I drag and drop the messages from the source folder into it, and I delete the source folder. Never had a problem.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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