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Gmail and IMAP, anyone have them working correctly with The Bat!?
I just wondered if anyone has Gmail and IMAP working correctly with The Bat! as a client?  I'm using Gmail to send and receive emails for my private domain, I'm using The Bat! (latest version) and IMAP as my client.

I've setup a bunch of sorting filters on The Bat! side to sort my messages to various folders, which might be confusing gmail.

I've got them "working" if you don't look too closely.  For instance:
  • I have emails that I have deleted in The Bat! coming back in The Bat! all the time.   So I have to delete them again, sometimes they stay deleted then sometimes they don't.
  • I have a Gmail folder that was somehow created in The Bat! (under the associated account) that doesn't have an equivalent on the Gmail.  No idea what it and its associated folders underneath it are about?
  • Search in The Bat! doesn't work (never finds things that I know exist).  However I can get it to work if I go and sel ect all the emails and give them time to download fr om the IMAP server.  I assumed, like other email clients that I've had, that once I looked at an email and it downloaded local it would stay local, but evidentally not.
I'm just wondering if anyone has this working completely and correctly?  I'm also wondering if I should give up and switch to POP or just use gmail as my client (or another client?)?

You mentioned using Gmail for your private domain. I'm wondering if that might be an area to explore. I have a gmail account in IMAP that works flawlessly, but I'm unclear on the private domain setup. Not that I can advise on it, but I'm unfamiliar with using gmail for other than a gmail account. I do suggest disabling the filters while you pursue this issue, since you mentioned a concern that they may be causing the confusion. Good luck.
I don't think the private domain matters much.  Google simply configures so gmail picks up email for your private domain (and then charges you $5 per email address).

The filters are pretty important, though if I knew that was the issue I could try configuring them so they are all done on gmail.  Though that would make me wonder why I'm using a client at all.

Of course I move my emails to different folders using the filters.  I could see where if that wasn't properly communicated that could cause confusion using IMAP.  But if that was the problem I'd expect to see emails showing up in the wrong folders and I haven't seen that yet.
After using this for awhile now I wouldn't recommend using The Bat! as an email client for Gmail IMAP.  It's constantly screwing up in obvious and subtle ways. Now I'm finding duplicates of emails all over the place.

Not sure how I'm going to proceed.  I guess my options are using The Bat! as a POP client for GMAIL, doing all the smarts like filters on Gmail side or just getting rid of The Bat! all together.
Please consider that many hundreds (or thousands) of people are using TB! with GMAIL IMAP, so there is a possibility that your problem is local to you. In your first post you stated that your filters may be part of the problem. In your second post you indicate you might fix, but only if you were certain that was the issue - but no one can state that without viewing the filters. My suggestion is to use another email client. Good luck.  
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