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TheBat 9, New release
Martin, don't worry - they will add small icons again, info with probability 99,87%
I just don't know when it will be.
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Count me in for smaller icon as well.

Can the toolbar be moved up to fit between "TheBat!" on the top left and the windows manipulation buttons on the top right?

One likes to maximise screen space for useful purposes!!
Hello All,

The Bat! v9.4 MSI are now available:

What's new in The Bat! v9.4 since v9.3.4 released on April 26, 2021?

[!] New HTML Editor
[!] Snooze function for MailTicker messages
[+] Automatic message format switch from plain text to HTML when a style is used or a picture is inserted
[+] New option to edit HTML code in the editor in the “Utilities -> Edit HTML source code” menu
[+] New HTML Table properties dialog
[+] The "Reset position" button in the settings of MailTicker
[+] Explicit option to export messages using UTF-8 in the Sorting Office
[+] New option "Display HTML-related message parts as attachments" for the message viewer
[+] %CHARSET="...." macro for text message export in the Sorting Office
[+] %Replace( pattern, replaceWith, text ) macro to automatically replace all occurrences of <pattern> with <replaceWith> in the <text>
[+] %ReplaceRegExp( patternRegExp, replaceWith, text [, subPattNo] ) macro to automatically replace all occurrences matching with <patternRegExp> with <replaceWith> in the <text> <subPattNo> is an optional parameter specifying the exact subpattern to be replaced
[+] %REGEXP( pattern, sample, subPatternNo ) macro for simplified substitution on %SetPattRegexp=...%RegexpBlindMatch=...%SubPatt=... combination
[+] (#000825) %SOURCE or %SOURCE=Charset macro to include original message source (using optional character set) into the text
[*] The focus now moves to the first occurrence when using the “Find” command in the HTML viewer
[*] The "Message -> Test filters" command is available again in the message list popup menu
[*] The "Change protocol" button is removed from the account settings
[*] The quoted text in sent HTML-messages is now stored within blockquote tags in the source code
[*] UTF-8 is now the default character set for text message export filter action
[*] Files with .MSG and .EML extensions are now treated as message/RFC822 ignoring declared MIME type
[*] "Ins ert Smiley" is replaced by "Insert Emoji"
[-] Draft flag was not se t when a non-draft message was open from the "Outbox" folder
[-] Quick reply's "Send" button was active without a text ready to be sent
[-] Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcuts could not be used from Quick Reply until first editor's popup menu appearance
[-] Unexpected search box was sometimes visible in an attached message viewer
[-] Text in the "About" window was not displayed under some themes
[-] Closing the app while a picture viewer was open caused Access Violation errors
[-] (#002118) Access Violation errors when a message was printed by a filter action were fixed
[-] Loading of HTML was optimized to prevent eventual viewer crashes

Sure enough, there are some problems in the new HTML editor not resolved during this Beta cycle, but they are not considered as show stoppers and generally the new editor finally looks like a better replacement of the old one. So, we will continue collect feedback on the new editor and of course will keep on fixing problems and make improvements.

Thank you very much for your help!
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Version 9.4:
The new HTML editor is appalling. One novelty ten errors. I returned to version 9.3.4 :-(
I hate to be negative about something that has obviously had a lot of work put into it, but I uninstalled it a couple hours after installing it and plan to open some tickets when I get a few extra minutes.

In a related problem, when I tried to uninstall v9.4 and reinstall v9.3.4, even though it says it succeeded, the GUI and behavior is still that of 9.4 and it reports 9.4 in the "About" window.  I don't think this is necessarily peculiar to v9.4 since I've had similar "install older version" problems in the past on several different computers.  How do you "really" uninstall it?  I imagine some registry tweaks are necessary but I don't know what they might be and I can't afford to lose all my email histories playing with it.
>>  How do you "really" uninstall it?  
I do uninstall and then only do install back 9-3-4

>> I returned to version 9.3.4 :-(
Same here. Excel tables copy/pasting and redacting isn't good. There is no styles. Etc.

>>  One novelty ten errors.
Don't forget send support all the bugs.
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Your product THEBAT! . I keep losing my inboxes when updating. I bought the program for my company. Your support didn't answer my question, it's been a few months now. Today again with the update of THEBAT program! he has failed. I believe you are a scammer and are charging money for non-working software. Version software: 9.4.1 The Bat! Professional Edition
It may help if you describe your use (e.g., IMAP, POP) and describe more detail of your problem. There are a number of knowledgeable people on the forum. TB! has been around for 24 years with a strong customer following, so it's clearly no scam. However, it is a complex product with a steep learning curve. There have been many updates in recent months as the developers are transitioning to some new technology, so my personal preference is to NOT UPGRADE during this period if TB! is working satisfactorily. Also, we're volunteers here, so please respect that. I regret you are having difficulties.

Sorry but new HTML editor is terrible. I'm downgrading to 9.3.4.
I just got an email pertaining to the upcoming TB v10.  Due to the significant problems people are having with the current v9 release, that seems a little odd to me :-(
>>  pertaining to the upcoming TB v10.
This is normal behavior. Every two year we have new version.

>> Due to the significant problems people are having with the current v9 release
v9-3-4 is the best for me now and I will be stay with this version before killing few new bugs that I find.
Yes, new html-editor from v9-4 isn't good now. Nevertheless RitLabs is going to fix this problems.
Модератор. Не являюсь сотрудником RitLabs (I'm not an employee of Ritlabs).
The Bat! v9.4.4 (23 August 2021)

New features

Always show the Download button" option for HTML viewer
"Re-download images" command in the Image Download drop-down of the HTML viewer
Quick rule creation for the Image Download Manager


Better names for options for external resource download
Prevent entering invalid font names using font drop-down
Reduce flicker when downloading images explicitly


Manual spell checking was checking words from quotation in the HTML editor
Misspellings were not highlighted at the HTML editor startup
Address Book command "View messaging history with this person" did not activate the main window
Spell checker in the HTML editor was not immediately invoked
Current selection was cleared upon right clicking in the HTML editor
Paste HTML as quotation was adding extra text at the start
Images dropped into HTML messages were embedded with a wrong content type ID
Some HTML messages could cause AV errors when forwarded
Manual spell checker could freeze at the last misspelled word
Модератор. Не являюсь сотрудником RitLabs (I'm not an employee of Ritlabs).
The Bat! 9.5 Christmas Edition (21 December 2021)
New features

/SMTPHOST= command line parameter to specify domain passed in the SMTP greeting (EHLO/HELO). This command line parameter can be added as a line into an account's memo for account-specific use

The format (plain text or HTML) used last time for a new Quick Template is now remembered
%SetEditor template macro accepts parameters "plain", "text" and "HTML" for setting desirable message format
More straight-forward logic of HTML templates usage for replies and new messages

Some attachments could be hidden from the attachment list as HTML-related parts
Automatic switching to the HTML format was not available in the template editor
(#02090) Re-filtering log was "white on white" in dark themes
Модератор. Не являюсь сотрудником RitLabs (I'm not an employee of Ritlabs).
I've been using TB Home since v7, and I can't recall a single release that didn't frequently crash with memory access violation errors — which is rather disappointing to see in a security-oriented application.  dickssportinggoods feedback survey
Edited: Carlton flores - 19 April 2022 22:03:57
Carlton flores wrote:
[..] which is rather disappointing to see in a security-oriented application.

That experience is certainly not representative for users of The Bat in general. Speaking only for myself, I've used The Bat extensively for 20+ years, with hundreds of thousands of messages, and have experienced not even a handful of crashes during all that time. Search the forum for 'crash' and you'll find several threads with suggestions on possible causes and solutions. If you wish to discuss this further, please use one of these threads or start a new one.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
Can someone tell me, if he has also problems with folder processing "task"? This very annoying problem shows up several times per day, and everytime it hangs up TB and I have to shut it down manually from tasks. How can i turn this feature OFF? Or is it solved in some newer versions? I have 9.5. now.
I've found only connection with IMAP folders, but I don't use them.

Is this "my problem" somehow connected with filters?

Edited: Martin Kudela - 29 July 2022 15:41:19
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