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OpenPGP not functional, Enryption
Anyone is using the OpenPGP feature in The Bat To verify signature, or sign emails?

I think this could be an important feature to avoid phishing.

When I go to Options-OpenPGP I see 3 options, none of them work.
-Choose Open PGP version- I can't choose any of the radio buttons, all of the options are greyed out,

-OpenPGP key manager is not responding to a click
-Open PGP Preference is not responding to a click as well.

This help Topic is outdated so I am lost.

Thank you for any suggestions
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I cannot answer your question because I don't use that function. Hopefully someone who does will comment.

However, I'm not sure how encrypting or certifying messages by OpenPGP would help to avoid phishing, unless your contacts (who might be impersonated by phishers) use it too. The best defense against phishing is probably to thoroughly scrutinize any external URLs before opening them, and to use a plugin like NoScript in your browser that blocks any scripts from non-authorized servers.
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Thank you Daniel.

If anyone is interested, I got a response from the official support:

Thank you for contacting us.

We suggest you get GnuPG from,  install it and switch to GnuPG under the "Options\OpenPGP\Choose  OpenPGP version" and under "Options\OpenPGP\OpenPGP Preferences ->  Files -> GnuPG External Key Manager" sel ect C:\Program Files  (x86)\Gpg4win\bin\kleopatra.exe.

Then access "Options\OpenPGP\OpenPGP Key Manager" and import the public  keys of your recipients. And create your own key pairs for the needed  email addresses.

The internal implementation of OpenPGP is outdated and now insecure, we have removed it fr om The Bat! v9

I'm very interested. Thanks for posting the reply you received from Support.

Were you able to get PGP to work with The Bat!? Are you using an email service that supports OpenPGP. I am interested in using The Bat! and PGP encryption with

How hard was it to set up?

The instructions from Support refer to Kleopatra. Did you download and install that separately?

Since Ivan has not replied (perhaps he did not see my post), I will provide this follow-up:

The note above which Ivan posted from Support plus the outdated Help page ( gave me the information I needed to get The Bat! working with OpenPGP.

I am so glad that Ivan's reply from Support provided a link for Gpg4win, a Windows version of GnuPG. (There actually is a listing for Gpg4win on the GnuPG website, but there are so many software packages listed that I had overlooked it before.) It turns out that Kleopatra is downloaded along with Gpg4win (unless you uncheck a box).

It took a while to set up, but it actually was not too hard with these two resources. I hope that someday The Bat! Support will update the Help page.
I cannot get gpg to work using above solution.
when I click on gpg manager , kleo... key manager opens,  now what?????  
I have previously generated keys,  but unable to do anything.

how do I get bat to use this key??

iam using latest gpg4win. And trial version of the bat.  
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