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Sounds off
After installing The Bat! I'm getting unexpected "sounds" from Windows.  I think it's on successful or failed operations but I can't find a setting to turn that off.  It's the "asterisk" sound.


In the System section you can check or change your Mail Directory. The mail folder contains general program settings, accounts and address books.

In this section you can configure the automatic backup and specify extended mouse button functions. You can choose a function for “Forward” and “Back” buttons from the dropdown menus. For example, you can make the cursor move to the next unread message when pressing the Forward button and to the previous viewed message when pressing the Back button.

If you want to hear an alarm sound notification for any problems The Bat! encounters while performing its tasks (e.g. log-in failures), enable the "When logging events, use system alarm sound for" option.

You can change the font used in the account and folder tree pane of the main window by clicking the "Change" button.
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Sounds may also be played after new messages have been retrieved (see Sound options in folder properties or account properties), sounds may be played by filters that you have made, and Options | Preferences | General has a sound option that plays when a Search has finished.
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Thank you!  I looked but somehow over looked those two options.
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