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Can I find my POP3 and SMTP passwords?
I have forgotten my POP3 and SMTP passwords. When I go to Account Settings only blobs appear. Is there any way of unblobbing them? A reply in an earlier question implies that they aren't blobbed, but this is probably out of date?

I would prefer not to have to go through the hassle of changing it if possible.
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Have you tried to turn protocol logging on under "Transport | Protocol logging", then sending/retrieving some mail and reading the files POP.log and SMTP.log?
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No, I hadn't tried that. But now I have a more severe problem: when I switched logging on for SMTP (which is the one I've lost) it came back with "The server has aborted the connection" As far as I can see, I didn't change anything apart from ticking the box.

But now I've unticked it I get the same error message, which means that I can't send mail at all which is a disaster! Restarting The Bat! doesn't help at all. :cry:  
There is no any fault of TheBat! that you are lose or try to steal password of email-box. You can always restore your password through your sysadmin (if this is working box) or through restore password service (if this is free email-box).
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I didn't say it was a fault of The Bat! I was asking if The Bat! can display my password. Daniel's idea didn't work - the password is replaced by stars.
Peter Toye wrote:
the password is replaced by stars.

I'm sorry to hear that, earlier versions would reveal the passwords there in plain text.

Other thoughts:

When you google "The Bat password recovery" you may find a solution. But if it works and is trustworthy, I don't know.

If you've ever used webmail with this account, the password may still be stored in your browser.

If you've used the passwords elsewhere, one of's free password recovery tools may help you find it back.

If it's a very old account that doesn't use encryption, a network logger like Wireshark can intercept the passwords.

Doesn't the provider offer a recovery method?
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