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Easiest way to use PGP with The Bat! - ?
I would like to use The Bat with a secure email service, Is there a straightforward way, not too complicated, to set this up with PGP encryption?

The relevant Help page ( says, "The Bat! offers built-in PGP conforming to RFC-1991." But when I go to Options -> OpenPGP -> Choose OpenPGP Version, the option shown in Help (Internal [RFC -1991]) does not appear. Does The Bat! no longer provide built-in PGP? (I am running v 9.5, released today.)

Buying Symantec Desktop Email encryption is another option, but is costs $70 per user, and I don't think it is open-source.

Using GnuPG seemed like a good idea because it is free (I don't mind paying a little), and it is open-source. But it looks like it requires a lot of study to figure out how to set it up with command line.

Any suggestions?
Someone posted instructions on using GnuPG here just a few days ago:
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Thanks, Daniel. I'll reply to Ivan's post and see if he was able to get it to work.
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